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" !!@ >> รวมๆกลอนเเปดฉบัีบอังกฤษที่เเต่งเอง เพื่อคนสนใจ "
หลังจากเบื่อกับการเเต่งกลอนภาษาไทย เดียวนี้เลยนั่งเเต่งภาษาอังกฤษ เเต่ก็มี
grammar ผิดบ้าง (อันที่จริงเยอะเลย) เเนะนำได้ครับ

I will walk in the dark, that's OK
because I know that you stay by my side
your warm will keep me through the night
All the things I fight will worth it

We may step on the rock and fall down
we may hear some sound that makes us apart
it is not that bad, cause you know my heart
everyday that passes is a special gift for my life


It takes days to find the "right words"
It takes months afterward to progress
It may take many years ahead
I might chase something never exist in this World

Will I still do it?, yes certainly
Will I be sad and depressed? yes, might be
Should I do what I did, we will see
you and me, on the road of destiny

One life, I was born to love you
to be with and fulfill each other
like moon and stars that I see yonder
how wonderful my life since that day


Everyone says you're cute, that's true
gorgeous and beautiful, yes of course
all the things, all men want and sought
what is left for me to say, dear

I do not have words to tell you
but I'll open my soul through, show my heart
all good and all bad, all the parts
years will pass, season changes, you know me

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